Introduction of Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh refers to a filtering cloth made by pressing multi-layer woven wire cloth, then sintered together in vacuum furnace. This kind of filtering cloth performs much better than common metal woven wire mesh in strength, hardness and positioning of opening. Generally speaking, its comprehensive property is superior to sintered metal powder and porcelain.

Usages of high quality sintered wire mesh 

-- Water treatment

-- Dust removal system

-- Pharmaceutical industry

-- Polymer industry

-- Food & beverage industry

-- Oil industry

-- Chemical industry

-- Aviation industry

-- Aerospace industry

-- Environmental protection system

-- Electric power industry

Features of high quality sintered wire mesh 

-- High mechanical strength and pressure tolerance.

-- Good corrosion resistance, outstanding durability.

-- Solid pore shapes with high permeability.

-- High sewage holding capacity.

-- Wide service temperature, ranging from -200 °C to 1000 °C.

-- Back washing is available with long service life.

UBO offers 4 types of high quality sintered wire mesh. 

Type 1  Standard 5-Layer sintered wire mesh

Standard 5 Layer sintered wire mesh has the widest application. Five layers of stainless steel wire mesh are combined and then sintered bonded. The sintered bonded media is then compressed and calendared producing a medium with a uniform surface porosity.

Type 2  Sintered Wire Mesh(2-7 layers)

This product is made from two layers to seven layers of square woven wire. The large aperture ratio results in high permeability and low resistance. With a large selection of support layers, the construction can be produced to meet demanding customer requirements. 

Type 3  Perforated sintered wire mesh

Sintered Wire Mesh This media uses perforated metal plate and multilayer stainless steel wire mesh. Perforated plate provides very high mechanical strength. It is easy to cut, punch, warp and weld

into various shapes including tube, disc, and sheet.

Type 4  Sintered Wire Mesh with 2-3 layers

This kind of Sintered Wire Mesh are made from 2 or 3 layers of woven wire mesh of uniform pore size sinter bonded together. Mesh types include plain square mesh, twilled square mesh, plain Dutch weave and twilled Dutch weave mesh. This product has outstanding resistance to acid, alkali and high temperatures. It boasts good tensile strength and resistant to abrasion.


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