How to clean stainless steel filter cartridge

How to clean stainless steel filter cartridge
      Stainless steel filter cartridge in the course of how to clean it?this involves a very real and very common problem,a conventional stainless steel cartridge made of stainless steel .Stainless steel filter cartridge in the production process is generally used in TIG welding, if conditions changed little pressure,routine does not require strengthening,if the pressure is too big or too big change,or the positive and negative filter, then you need to do further this is the need to strengthen,as the case may be,whether it is enhanced and not enhanced,and in the face of conventional way is blocked cleaned.If the cleaning effect is less than ideal state would need to replace the use of a new cartridge of stainless steel.
Stainless steel is generally used cartridge cleaning backwash or ultrasound,UBO specifically produce the stainless steel filter products for you.

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