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Hydraulic screen network subject for by wedge shaped steel rod by precision made of stainless steel arc or plane filter screen surface, stay processing wastewater through spill flow Weir uniform distribution to tilt screen surface Shang, due to screen network surface clearance small, smooth, back clearance big, drainage smooth, easily blocked; solid material was interception, filter Hou of water from screen Board gap in the outflow, while in hydraulic role Xia, solid material was push to screen Board bottom discharge, to reached solid liquid separation purpose.

Hydraulic screen is composed by moving screen and fixed screen. Moving screen positioned horizontally are truncated cone. Water inlet end campaign screens little-, wastewater flows in small end-to big end process, impurities such as fiber mesh rejection, and along the inclined plane unloaded to fix sieves to further dehydration. Hydraulic power from the water flow of the screen the impulse and gravity. Water inlet-side of the screen you want to maintain a certain pressure, and is usually made of impervious material instead of screen.

Hydraulic screen can effectively reduce the concentration of suspended solids in the water, reduce the processing load of the follow-up process. Also used for solid-liquid separation and recovery of industrial production of useful substances, and is an excellent filter or recovery of suspended solids, floating, sediment, such as solid or colloidal substances of non-powered equipment.

Hydraulic screen now features:

1, using the gravity of the water itself, no power;

2, single handle water.

3, not easily blocked, easy cleaning.

4, machine made of stainless steel, high mechanical strength, deformation, and long service life.

Scope of application:

1, used for slaughter, leather, paper, sugar, wine, food-processing, textile, printing and dyeing, petrochemical, and other small industrial wastewater, removal of suspended solids, floating, sediment and other solid materials;

2, used in paper-making, the alcohol, starch, food processing and other industries recycled fiber, slag and other useful substances.

3, used for the pretreatment of sludge or river dredging

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