sintered porous metal filters cartridge

Product Code: 2592
Category:Metal Sintered Filter Elements
Properties:sinter filter
Application:mainly used in environmental protection,chemical, food,

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Description of sintered porous metal filters cartridge

sintered porous metal filters cartridge

  This type of Stainless Steel Filter Element is made by the filter media which is made by taking several layers.of woven wire mesh and sintered them to a layer of perforated metal.The woven wire mesh layers consist of a filter layer,a protective layer and possibly a buffer layer between the fine mesh layer and the perforated plate.The perforated plate is then added as the base and the entire structure is sintered together to form a very strong yet tractable plate.Due to the support of the perforated plate,this type of sintered wire mesh laminate has a high resi stance to pressure and high mechanical strength.It is suitable for a variety of applications which require fine filtration,but also the need to protect and preserve the filtration layer. One example of an application is in oil wells,wh ere fine particles need to filtered under extremely high pressure condition.

Product Features:
*High mechanical strength with the ability to maintain a steady filter rating under high pressure
*Easy to clean with a variety of filter cleaning techniques and reuse
*Heat and corrosion resistant
*Easy to fabricate,weld,punch,shear or otherwise from into various part
*Wide ranges of filter rating

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Specification of the sintered porous metal filters cartridge

1) Feature: flat and smooth surface

2) Thickness: 0.1MM-6.0MM

3) Width: 1.0M/4Feet

4) Length: 2.0M/8F

Production And Sales of sintered porous metal filters cartridge

Packaging Detail: water proof paper and carton box or Plywood
Delivery Detail: 10-15days
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