sinter metal powder filter

Product Code: 1681
Category:Metal Sintered Filter Elements
Material:stainless steel 304,304L,304HC,316,316L,321,430 or as per your request.
Properties:Sintered filter
Application:water treatment, oilfield, mining, food industry, chemical industry, papermaking industry, decoration.

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Description of sinter metal powder filter

The sinter metal powder filter is made by sintering fine metal particles with special process, which has good permeability, high precision, excellent strength and ductility. It has better performance than that filter made of paper, copper wire and other fiber cloth, and easy to removal and clean.


Applications for sinter metal powder filter:


Sintered powder filters are used for air, liquid and fuel oil filtration, mainly in petrochemical industry and hydraulic system.


Features for sinter metal powder filter:


Standard sintered mesh structures consist of protection layer, precision control layer, disperse layer and multi-layer reinforced layer.

After high strength metal mesh sintering, have highest mechanical strength and anti-pressure strength.

As adopt surface filter structure of best backwash cleanness effect, easy to clean.


Advantages for sinter metal powder filter:


* good chemical stability, especially for sour or alkali

* strong mechanical strengh,

*high precision

*reusable, easy to clean

*longer service life

*uniform poze size

*high separation efficiency

*high temperature resistance

sinter metal powder filter

Specification of the sinter metal powder filter

Nominal Grade filter mesh mean pore Filtration Ratings (microns)
2 325*2300 5 2
5 200*1400 10 5
10 165*1400 15 10
20 165*800 20 20
40 325*325 43 40
60 250*250 61 55
80 200*200 74 75
100 150*150 104 100

Production And Sales of sinter metal powder filter

sinter metal powder filter

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