Sintered Wire Mesh filter

Product Code: 1691
Category:Sintered Metal Mesh Filter
Material:stainless steel 304,304L,304HC,316,316L,321,430 or as per your request.
Properties:Sintered filter
Application:water treatment, oilfield, mining, food industry, chemical industry, papermaking industry, decoration.

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Description of Sintered Wire Mesh filter

     we have produced sintered wire mesh Sintered wire mesh is made into multilayer metal wire mesh which spliced through special pressed,sintered by vacuum furnace,it is a new type filter material with high instensity and whole rigidity.The mesh conquered the former wire mesh's deficiency of low intensity,bad qigidity and unstable factors.its integration capability is better than metal powersintered,chianware and so on.
     It is one standard combination sintered wire mesn for the widest application.Multi-layer wire mesh made from stainless steel are brought together as per the below combination.It has the superior advantage of high durability,high strength,easy to wash than the other filter materials.

Application for Sintered Wire Mesh filter:

1.Distributed cooling material used in high-temperature environments
2.For gas distribution, liquid orifice bed material
3.For high-precision, high reliability and high temperature filter material
4.For the high pressure oil filter backwash

Advantasge for Sintered Wire Mesh filter:

1.High mechanical strength,with the ability to maintain a steady filter rating under high pressure
2.Easy to clean with a variety of filter cleaning techniques and reuse
3.Heat and corrosion resistant
4.Easy to fabricate,weld,punch,shear,or otherwise form into various parts
5.Wide range of filter ratings

Features for Sintered Wire Mesh filter:

Filter basket consists of flange and stainless steel wire mesh cylinder.
Filtering layers is sintered by stainless steel wire mesh and support frame.
Filtering precision:15-100µ.
Its finished products has the functions of poweful strengths, high hardness, easy for cleansing and back flushing.

Sintered Wire Mesh filter

Specification of the Sintered Wire Mesh filter

Sintered Wire Mesh filter

Mesh/Inch Wire Diameter(mm) Screen Thickness(mm)
105 0.075 0.14
120 0.08 0.15
150 0.06 0.115
165 0.05 0.095
180 0.045 0.085
200 0.04 0.1
230 0.036 0.085
250 0.036 0.088
270 0.035 0.083
300 0.03 0.07
325 0.028 0.065
350 0.03 0.06
400 0.023 0.040
450 0.023 0.042

Production And Sales of Sintered Wire Mesh filter

Sintered Wire Mesh filter

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