Metal Fiber Felt Elements

Product Code: 1665
Category:Metal Sintered Filter Elements
Material:Stainless Steel sintered mesh,,Metal Fiber
Properties:Sintered filter
Application:Filtration,fuel Filter,Hydraulic Filter

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Description of Metal Fiber Felt Elements

Metal Fiber Felt Elements media is made with thin filaments of nonwoven stainless steel. These porous metal felt filter elements are ideal for high pressure, highly corrosive, highly viscous or radioactive applications. They feature extremely high porosity (up to 85%), high flow rates (up to 20 times higher than other media types), and very long life.

Random fiber filtration (metal fiber felt) can provide absolute particle retention, longer on stream time and high dirt-holding capacity for under 60 micron filter elements. Although more expensive, it oftens offers clear advantages over wire cloth, sintered metal or non-metallic fibers. Its high temperature, high pressure and corrosion resistance combined with almost unemetal felt filter elements have a random matrix of 316-L stainless steel filaments with diameters from 4 to 25 microns. The finer the micron, the more open area is provided in a pure crosshatch pattern. When sinter bonded, this random matrix can provide:

Feature of Metal Fiber Felt Elements

 When sinter bonded, this random matrix can provide:

Extremely high porosity (up to 85%)
- high flow rates: up to 20 times higher than other media types
- long on-stream lifetime
- downscaling is possible (less filter surface is needed to filter the same volume)

Low pressure drop: The high porosity of our metal fiber media allows a very low pressure drop (and thus lower energy cost), even at high filtration velocities

Ease of cleaning: The open structure of porous metal media allows you to clean in situ by backpulsing or backwashing

High strength: The sintering process creates strong fiber bonds and guarantees a high strength filter medium. Combined with an appropriate inner core, our filter elements can withstand thermal shock, high pressures, and frequent backpulsing.

Heat & corrosion resistance: Our filter media can be used in high temperature (up to 1000° C, depending on the alloy) and/or corrosive applications - where non-metallic textile, ceramic or polymer products fail

Can be used for surface or depth filtration. Our filter media enables you to achieve high efficiencies through a cake build-up (surface filtration) and also offer high dirt holding capacity for depth particles capture (depth filtration)

Stainless steel and other alloys available: not brittle, chemical cleaning is possible, weldable, low thermal expansion, maintains structure (no thermal shock) Depending on the performance you require, we select the proper alloy to provide the required resistance and strength

Applications of Metal Fiber Felt Elements

Mesh filter cartridge is mainly used for the filtration of air,the medium cleaning and flow control of lubrication oil,hydraulic pressure and air pressure system.

Metal Fiber Felt Elements

Specification of the Metal Fiber Felt Elements

Model Nominal Filter Rating
( u)
Structure Thickness
Bubble Pressure (mm H2O) Weight
1 1 100+400×2800+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 1.81 360-600



5-layer sintered wire mesh(8.4)


6-layer sintered wire mesh








2 2 100+325×2300+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 2.35 300-590
5 5 100+200×1400+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 2.42 260-550
10 10 100+165×1400+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 3.00 220-500
15 15 100+165×1200+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 3.41 200-480
20 20 100+165×800+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 4.50 170-450
25 25 100+165×600+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 6.12 150-410
30 30 100+450+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 6.7 120-390
40 40 100+325+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 6.86 100-350
50 50 100+250+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 8.41 90-300
75 75 100+200+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 8.7 80-250
100 100 100+150+100+12×64+64×12 1.7 9.1 70-190

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