v wire screen cylinder

The rotary drum screen, or rotary sifter, is part of the equipment commonly found in municipal and industrial water treatment processes. This is the second pre-treatment process used in wastewater treatment plants after screening. 

Drum screens are used in thermal and nuclear power plants, LNG terminals, desalination plants, fertilizer plants, drinking water and irrigation plants.

They are highly recommended for high flow rates.

The wedge wire screen cylinder is the best filter element for drum screens.

And wedge wire screen cylinder can be installed in solid-liquid separation equipment such as automatic cleaning filters, scraper filters, automatic sewage filters, rotary fine mesh filters, rotary drum fine mesh filters, ion exchangers, etc.

Wedge Wire Screen Cylinder

Wedge wire screen cylinders are a filter accessory used in heavy-duty equipment and have a larger opening than wedge wire screen tubes. Compared to conventional slotted pipes, wire wrapped wedge wire screens have superior open areas due to their continuous slot openings.

The benefits will include:

--Reduce energy consumption and increase water flow.

--To reduce erosion of entry surfaces and enhance good life.

--Allow a uniform and efficient development.

--Significantly reduce the potential for pump damage and maintenance costs.



Wedge wire screen cylinders are used in industries such as the petroleum industry, chemical industry, water treatment, and others, as well as in drilling construction, geothermal development, hydrogeological exploration, and some high-load projects filtration. It can effectively decrease energy consumption and increase the filtration flow rate. 

Furthermore, wedge wire screen cylinders are suitable for high load filtration and low maintenance in all industries.

Such as:

Petrochemicals, such as oil filtering.

Water treatment, such as desalination of seawater or wastewater treatment, etc.

The chemical industry, such as acid and alkali filtration.

Hydrogeological exploration and drilling construction.

Food waste disposal

Livestock waste treatment

Rotary screens.

Wedge wire screen cylinders are widely used in the mining, coal, mineral, and other industries for heavy duty and high load filtering, sizing, and screening.

Wedge wire is a profile wire that primarily functions as a filter screen, sifting screen, draining panels, and also used in architectural design for flooring and decoration.

Wedge wire screen provides more applications in replacement of wire mesh and perforated screen, where both strength and accuracy are required at the same time. Especially in waste water treatment and vibrating screens.


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