Resin Trap Filter for Ion Exchange

The resin trap filter is a safety device that prevents resins and solids from penetrating into the piping system. It is generally used in ion exchange devices, high-purity water systems, activated carbon, and media filters, etc.

Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. specialized in designing and producing various specifications of resin trap filters for ion exchange. They have many benefits in practical applications. For example, the YUBO resin trap filter has a very strong construction, easy slot customization, low-pressure loss, long service life, and low maintenance cost. Moreover, it can prevent expensive resin loss and protect downstream pumping equipment.

YUBO resin trap filter is manufactured with stainless steel wedge wire screen. It has open slots and the sizes of slots can be designed to capture fine particles and ions, etc. It is usually installed between units, after a unit, or in the backwash line. It can be designed as thread, sleeve, or flange end connection, you can choose it.

YUBO resin trap filters for ion exchange have high quality and low cost. Its applications are wide and it is popular in many industries. If you are interested in our resin traps, please contact us to obtain the details of the products at any time.

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Stainless Steel Resin Trap

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