Paper Machine baskets

Product Code: 2789
Category:Wedge Wire Screen Cylinders
Material:stainless steel
Properties:Wedge Wire Screen
Application:water well drilling, oil well drilling, farm irrigation, water-treatment, paper treatment

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Description of Paper Machine baskets

Paper Machine baskets is made during simultaneous winding of specially profiled working wires on a spiral and welding them to carrying wires placed along the tube. This technology allows the production of wedge wire screens when very high gap precision and screen resistance are required. Due to using the newest welding technology we can obtain various distances between carrying wires, very accurate and repeatable gap and therefore produce screens according to customer’s particular requirements.

Paper Machine baskets


Features of Paper Machine Baskets

-- Non-clogging surface 

-- Large open area 

-- Low pressure drop 

-- Hydraulic efficiency 

-- High flow rates 

-- Mechanical strength 

-- Abrasion-resistant 

-- Easy cleaning

Applications of Paper Machine Baskets

Usage: Liquid Filter
Type: Perforated
Metal Mesh Material: Metal
Hole Shape: Square Filter
Rating: more than 90%
Thickness: as per your request
Length: as per your request
Width: as per your request
Technique: welded Mesh
Size: 0.5-2mm
Wire Gauge: 2-3mm
Color: white
Application: Screen

Materials :SS 304,16L, Stainless steel and carbon steel

1) Rotary Screen Filter factory materials is Stainless Steel and Low Carbon Galvanized.

2) It is another type of wedge wire screen.

3) From inside to outside

Slot size 0.05, 0.1, 0.25,0.50,0.75,1.00,1.50,2.00,3.00(mm)

Minmum slot  20 mm

Application in water treatment,oilfield,mining,food industry,chemical industry,papermaking industry,decoration.

Surface treatment  polishing ,chroming

Characteristics  High filtering accuracy , High strengh and durability

Specification of the Paper Machine baskets

Paper Machine baskets

Profile combinations

Surface profiles Support profiles Min.diam. in mm Min. slot width in mm
10S Q25 21 0.10
11S 22S or Q35 23 0.03
12S 22S 30 0.05
12S Q25 23 0.03
12S Q35 30 0.05
18S 22S or Q35 30 0.05
18S Q25 25 0.03
18S D45 300 0.20
18S 10x3 300 0.20
22S 22S or Q35 45 0.10
22S D45 or 10x3 or 25x3 300 0.20
28S Q35 215 0.20
28S D45 or 10x3 or 25x3 300 0.20
34S Q35 300 0.20
34S D45 300 0.20
34S 10x3 or 25x3 300 0.20
42S Q35 or D45 300 0.20
42S 10x3 or 25x3 300 0.20


Outside diameter in mm Number of support profiles
30 8
45 10
57 12
70 18
85 18
97 20
110 24
137 30
164 36
215 48
268 48
305 40
380 48

Production And Sales of Paper Machine baskets

Paper Machine baskets

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