Wire Cloth Strainer Basket

Product Code: 2089
Category:Basket Filters
Material:Stainless steel 304,304L,316,316L
Properties:basket filter

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Description of Wire Cloth Strainer Basket

Wire Cloth Strainer Basket

OD x ID 11 ga. flange welded to top open end of wire mesh strainer basket. Metal to metal seal between machined neckline of housing and basket flange.
Wire Mesh Strainer Basket welded directly to the 11 ga flange. These wire mesh strainer baskets are fabricated using only coarse mesh specifications (3/8” opening or greater). Many wire cloth specifications when used alone, without a perforated basket to help support the mesh, are too delicate to withstand the demands of the application.
Handle is welded to the top of 11 ga flange. Handle is not removable.

Ubo can also fabricate any wire cloth, perforated, or expanded metal product. Some of our fabricated wire mesh products include, but are not limited to:
Wire Mesh Baskets
Wire Mesh Liners
Wire Mesh Trays
Wire Mesh Strainers
Wire Mesh Filters
Wire Mesh Extruder Screens
Wire Mesh Special Shapes

Specification of the Wire Cloth Strainer Basket

For less critical applications heavy machined flange and removable Quick Release Handle Assembly are eliminated. Strainer baskets more cost effective. Replace heavy machined flange with an 11 ga (0.120” thick) OD x ID flange. Replace Quick Release Handle Assembly with a fixed handle. No O-Ring seal between strainer basket and the strainer housing.

Production And Sales of Wire Cloth Strainer Basket

Raised Face Temporary Basket Strainers (Truncated Cone) are available in Carbon Steel, 304SS and 316SS perforated material.
Standard gauge of strainer material ranges between 11 to 22 depending on hole size.  Special thickness are available.
Normally supplied with 1/8“ diameter hole on 3/16“ centers.  Most size of perforations available.  If mesh lined, please specify flow direction.

Heavy Machined Flange (with O-Ring) for seal between strainer basket and strainer housing.
14 ga. (0.078” thick) perforated sheet with ¼” dia. holes, 3/8” staggered centers, 40% Open Area is our ‘standard’. The Perforated Strainer Basket can be supplied with any size hole and perforated pattern required.
All SaniClean Basket Strainers are built to accept industry standard Filter Bags. Filter Bags are available in different materials, types of weaves, and ranging in retention rate from 1 – 1500 microns. (See page 10).
Shown with Filter Bag Hold Down Ring
Shown with Quick Release Handle.

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