Chemical pressure sintered metal net filter

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Category:Pleated Filter
Material:Stainless steel 316
Properties:pleated filter

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Description of Chemical pressure sintered metal net filter

Chemical pressure sintered met

 It is made of Sintered 5-layer or multi-layer Stainless steel wire mesh laminates, it take the advantages of good permeability, high holding dirty capacity, large filter area, long service life, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, and cleanable, can be used for many times, it is widely applied in the filtration system of petroleum and chemical industry.

Product Details:

1.Material: SUS 304,316L


3.Working temperature:-200-600°C

4.Filter media: sintered wire mesh

Filter media features:

1.High strength and rigidity : extreme mechanical strength and pressure tolerance, can be machined, welded and assembled,

2.Uniform and stable precision: consistent filter property in various media, without apertures changing during operation.

3.Widely service environment: can be continuously in temperature ranging from-200°C to 600°C and filtering in acid and alkali conditions.

4.Cleanable: backwash easily, and reused with longer service span, and can be cleaned by means of ways, such as backstream, filtration liquid, ultrasonic, dissolution and baking

Specification of the Chemical pressure sintered metal net filter

Production And Sales of Chemical pressure sintered metal net filter

Sintered stainless steel fiber felt is a new-type material for deep filtration, which is composed of stainless steel fibers and sintered in a high temperature. Pleated filter cartridge has the advantages of high porosity, large filter area, good particle holding capacity, great regeneration.

Filter rating is 2-200um. Various specifications are available on request.

Applications: Mainly used in filtration of high polymer and pharmaceutical, hydraulic oil, water treatment, high temperature gas. 

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