The factors that affect the quality of stainless steel sintered filter

1, The temperature and time of sintered filter:


It is important of the Sintering temperature and sintered body, porosity length, density, strength and hardness for the quality of stainless steel sintered filter. If the sintering temperature is too high or too long, the performance of the product will be lowered, and even the product will burn out defects; if the sintering temperature is too low or too short, the stainless steel sintered filter element will have an undercurrent.


2, The sintering atmosphere:

Powder metallurgy commonly uses a sintering atmosphere to restore atmospheric, vacuum and hydrogen atmospheres. The sintering atmosphere also directly affects the properties of the sintered body. Sintering in a reducing atmosphere prevents the billet from burning and reduces surface oxides. Such as iron-based, copper-based products commonly used furnace gas or ammonia decomposition, hard alloys, stainless steel commonly used pure hydrogen. Active metals or refractory metals, TiC-containing cemented carbide and stainless steel can be vacuum sintered. Vacuum sintering can avoid the adverse effects of harmful components in the atmosphere, and can also lower the sintering temperature.

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