Stainless Steel V Wire Water Distributor

Stainless Steel V Wire Water Distributor

The stainless steel v wire water distributor is also called the wedge wire screen collector or header lateral distributor. It is composed of a screen pipe, connection pipe, and parent tube. In which the screen pipe adopts the wedge wire screen structure.

water distributor

stainless steel 304, 316, 316L, 321, 403, or according to the requirement.

The SS v wire water distributor shall be of the continuous slot design to provide maximum open area, reduce entrance velocity, increase hydraulic efficiency, and promote more effective development. The wedge wire is continuously wrapped around an array of equally spaced support rods of the same material to form high-efficiency filtration.

Types of the water distributor

•a central water distributor
•a header lateral distributor

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Stainless Steel V Wire Water Distributor

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