Industrial water treatment filter

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Industrial water treatment filter is made of argon arc welding welded all metal material filter. This series of products are mainly made of stainless steel fiber sintered felt, nickel fiber carpets, specialty stainless steel mesh, stainless steel sintered five layers mesh, stainless steel sintered seven layers mesh etc metal filter. Filter used to filter impurities of solute particles and filters or maintenance process is easy to appears some need to be aware of the contents. Here we take a brief look at the industrial water treatment filter maintenance



Firstly: B
ecause the filter cartridge is the core of the entire apparatus, the material is relatively unique, easily damaged, and thus in the process of cleaning or replacement must be especially attention to careful operation.


Secondly: Filtration equipment filter element after a period of use, will be some of the impurities trapped down, which will affect the flow rate of the solute, and thus must be cleaned, will effectively remove impurities.

Thirdly: When cleaning the filter cartridge must be cautious, be gently, to avoid the filter to damage or deform, damage or deformation of the filter cartridge can not meet the standard requirements

Fourthly: the filter has been damaged or deformed must be replaced promptly.

Fifthly: for some of the more special precision filter, its filter life and cleaning times are limited, so after a period of use after the need for timely replacement.

Precision filter are mainly used reverse osmosis equipment in High quality filter products, reverse osmosis water quality were the ultimate treatment to ensure the normal operation of the reverse osmosis system. Industrial water filter cartridges for use ambient temperature is -60-500 ℃. Because of its good permeability, dirt holding capacity, high strength, good sealing, long life, high temperature and pressure, resistance chemical corrosion and cleaning repeated use features. Related to water treatment, oil and gas processing and other applications is very wide in many areas, so when in use should be more attention.

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