Best filters for water treatment

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Wedge wire screen has many advantages and it is used in the water treatment industry. In the water treatment/wastewater treatment industry, wedge wire screens filter is the best filters for water.


Drinking Water

Sewage treatment



Water Treatment

All above can use wedge wire screen filters.

wedge wire screens for water treatment

A necessary part of all industrial wastewater treatment plants, wastewater screening retains solids found in the wastewater.

There are three broad categories in which you can classify wastewater treatment screens – coarse, fine and micro. 

Coarse screens in wastewater treatment:

Coarse screens have clear openings ranging from 6 to 150 mm (0.25 t0 6 in). 

Coarse wedge wire screens can be used in the screening process in wastewater treatment at small facilities, and it increases efficiency and reduce problems in the wastewater treatment process.  

Micro screen for wastewater treatment

The smallest type of screening in wastewater treatment is micro screening. These screens are typically low-speed drum screens.

Fine screening in wastewater treatment plants

The screening process in water treatment plants employs screens that have clear openings less than 6mm called fine screens. They are made of wire cloth, wedge wire or perforated plates. Like micro screens, they are tools for screening in wastewater treatment that are used to remove fine solids.

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