Application of Centrifuge Wire Baskets

The centrifuge wire baskets generally adopt the wedge wire screen. The wedge wire screen has a larger filtration area and greater mechanical strength than the perforated metal screen and woven mesh screen. The centrifuge wire basket can be used for centrifuge, dehydration, screening, and filtration in many industries.

Our centrifuge wire basket is the key part of centrifugal dewatering equipment, high speed rotating operation.

The application of centrifuge wire baskets
1. Coal
2. Chemistry
3. Metallurgy
4. Oil filed
5. Remove tiny fibers and impurities from the black liquor
6. Others

Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. special in designing and producing wedge wire centrifuge baskets. Our unique customization capacity is recognized by many partners. The combination of high-quality materials, accurate apertures, and maximum open areas ensure that the Centrifuge Basket provides you with optimum dewatering and low wear characteristics.

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