Application effect of perforated screen panel

Punching screen panel is a very frequently used product, it appears in any field, involving our life and production industry. In our common industries such as dehydration and filtration of metallurgical and chemical building materials, a punch screen panel is widely used. It is an indispensable part of machine sieve equipment, and its performance brings good benefits to various industries.
The processed stainless steel screen panel is sheared so that the corners can be removed through this process so that the screen panel can be used. For the perforated screen panel, it is a kind of metal plate with evenly distributed mesh. In the use process, the gap is inevitable. What we need to do is to control it. Let's give you a specific explanation.
It is common and inevitable that the clearance of perforated sieve panel appears, which can only be reduced as much as possible. The gap is mainly controlled by shear compressive stress. Shear produces two forces, one is the sheer compressive stress and the other is the sheer tensile stress. When it is not easy to produce cracks under shear stress, the screen plate gap will become smaller. On the contrary, under the shear tensile stress, the shear under the tensile stress will become larger. The more the brightness is, the smaller the clearance between the stainless steel screen panels is.
In the process of screen plate punching, the gap control is very important. At the same time, the strength will not only affect the gap of the screen panel but also affect the overall flatness of products and welding bending. Therefore, in order to better the technical problems of products, we should choose different strengths according to different situations. In daily life, a stainless steel punching panel, as the decoration of maintenance equipment and public facilities in public places, is more powerful in the industry. For example, the role of stainless steel punching plate in gas and liquid, vapor-liquid stainless steel punching plate is a special form of woven wire mesh, which is used to make wire mesh demister, oil-gas separator, dust removal, environmental protection, engine silencing machine The main components used in shock absorption and other projects are also widely used in the electronic industry of automobile industry. For the use of different industries to bring benefits, in recent years, the development of perforated mesh is very good.

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