A brief introduction to the sintering materials of Mining Wedge Wire Screen Plate

Mining Wedge Wire Screen Plate is widely used in mining, coal, food, salt, oil, fertilizer, environmental protection, and other industries. Mine screening function: metal mesh structure element used for screening and filtering. It is widely used in filtration, dehydration, screening, deashing and other operations in many industries. It has high strength, rigidity and bearing capacity, and can be made into rigid screening filters of various shapes. Easy to leak, wear and corrosion. The grid part is a trapezoid, and the gap is narrow and wide.

Mining Wedge Wire Screen Plate product model: arc screen, flat screen plate, centrifugal screen basket, filter, etc. Mining Wedge Wire Screen Plate uses: used in coal, oil, fertilizer, mining, food, environmental protection, and other industries, crack screen, oil filter, salt industry network, etc.
Sintering plays an important role in the screening network of mine. The so-called ore screen sintering refers to the process of manufacturing powder and fine iron-containing materials with good metallurgical properties. It is one of the main forming methods of ferrous materials. The sintering materials in the Mining Wedge Wire Screen Plate is usually used to crush and screen the natural rich ore, which is the concentrate produced by the ore powder less than 8 mm and the rich ore powder.
It consists of metallurgical scrap less than 8 mm in the sintering process and some other factories, such as blast furnace dust removal, converter dust removal, sulfuric acid slag, steel rolling, etc. After mixing these sintering materials in a certain proportion, according to the heat demand and alkalinity requirements of the sintering process, add a proper amount of fuel (coke powder or anthracite) and flux (limestone, lime or lime), and then ignite the sintering in the sintering equipment.

Due to the high-temperature effect of fuel combustion in the Mining Wedge Wire Screen Plate, a certain amount of liquid phase (but not all sinters are allowed to melt) is produced in the material layer, and the unmelted powder is bonded into a block. This is sintering. It can be seen that sintering is a large-scale granulation process of iron powder. It mainly relies on the liquid phase produced in the sintered materials to aggregate the powder into blocks. With the rapid development of iron and steel industry in the screening network of mines, the utilization of lean ores and various metals is also expanding day by day.

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