What's UBO main product range?

2019-02-13Tags:wire mesh,wire cloth,filter cloth,print cloth,Posted By zhaozhao

UBO Wire Cloth is an honest and experienced fabricator of wire cloth and is an industry leader.  Our complete inventory of high-quality wire cloth contains a comprehensive inventory of wire cloth and related products, including:

Vibratory hooked screens, produced to your specifications

Fabric, vinyl and metal edge screens, including some with edging developed specifically for food-grade applications and approved for indirect contact.

Pre-tension screens to fit ALL original manufacturers equipment, including tensioning of both metal and synthetic wire cloth. Rings, ultrasonics and tubular frames.

Aggregate screens including:  harpwire, finger, non-blinding, urethane and rubber.  Related products including clamp rails, channel and skirtboard rubber, screen bolts and test sieves.
Bins, chutes, drip shields, grating, light structure steel, ornamental metals, railings, stairways, traveling water screens, wire cloth zoo cages.

Specialty Products, including Trommel screens, seaming material, precut pieces.  Specialty application screens are also readily available, such as metal edged, seamed, spot welded, circular, granulator and pressure vessel screens.  Also available are cylinders, rings, fillers, wire cloth linkbelts, resin strainers, catalyst baskets and trays and baskets.

Related wear products, including Tack-On Pulley lagging, Tack Lag, Wire Rope, Piano wire and frames, Screen bolts and fasteners in all sizes, polyurethane products and perforated plate.
Architectural mesh for use in unique interior and exterior design.

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