Wedge wire screen pipe Manufacture Workmanship

Manufacture Workmanship:

Wedge wire screen pipe(candle filter)include converged flow and external flow two kinds. Wedge wire screen pipe be made of “v” shape wedges’ stainless steel wire and stainless steel support bar. The Smooth surface is filtering cloth of screen pipe, and bar is strip-type, belong to surface form of filter. One of the best filter element is widely used in various industries of fluid filtration As various kinds of automatic filter, such as auto backflush,  Scraper self-cleaning, Scraping plate of self-cleaning, Sucking type self-cleaning filter vessel, etc.


carbon steel, Low carbon steel strip, High manganese steel wire, Stainless Steel Wire, stainless steel304, 304L, 316, 316L. We can make various kind of your requirement.

Wedge wire screen filter pipe is made of stainless steel wire to cold pressing,and the strip adopt automatic screen welding production equipment, it has high welding strength, gap uniformity, smooth surface, free of burrs surface, and have certain radian etc. Because of adopt special wedge wire, compare sintering net filters with other filter element, it has stemming is not advisable, easy for backwashing, long service life, it is the perfect substitute for other filter pipe.

Wedge wire filter pipe's filtration precision scope is 0.02mm-2mm,wedge wire filter pipe can implement fully enclosed automatic filtering and meet the food hygiene certification standards.

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