Introduction of Disc Vacuum Filter

2019-01-29Tags:disc, vacuum filter, filter discs,Posted By Yolanda Cao

Installed A number of filter discs in a horizontal hollow spindle on the composition of the vacuum filter, then it is the disc vacuum filter. The filter power is also to white in the vacuum caused by the pressure difference. Each disc is divided into a number of small fan-shaped filter blades, each fan-shaped filter that constitutes a filter chamber. It is suitable for filtering suspensions with low density and less precipitation.

The working principle of the disc vacuum filter, some of the structure and operation are very similar with the drum vacuum filter. Compared with the drum vacuum filter, there are so many advantages:

(1) more filter area, low cost for unit filter area, large-scale development of equipment. In the case of the same volume of space, the disc vacuum filter has a filter area is about 2 times than the drum vacuum filter, and the disc filter cost is lower. The maximum size has reached at 480m2, and filter biggest diameter could be 5.5m.

(2) Compact structure, small footprint. The disc vacuum filter has a small outer size and a compact structure, and it could help to effectively utilize the space, and it occupies a small area. The floor areafor the 252m2 disk vacuum filter is only 0.2m2 / m2, it is only 1/3 of the is 100m2 large drum vacuum filter.

(3) The vacuum loss is small, unit output less power consumption.

(4) It is easy to replace the filter cloth, and less filter cloth consume.

(5) Double-sided filter, strong adsorption, processing capacity, good filtering effect, high production efficiency.

(6) Easy to manufacture, no large parts, equipment, light, low cost.

Since there are so many obvious advantages of the the vacuum filter , it has been rapidly developed and widely used in the past 30 years. Due to its mature technology, reliable operation and convenient operation, it has become the most widely used filtering equipment in mineral processing industry. Especially In the mineral separation

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