How to install a high tensile wire mesh fence?

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Many animal owners cringe at the thought of high-tensile wire mesh fence because they have heard stories or have direct experience with cows pushing through a grounded fence, horses getting cut on wire, or having problems with fence chargers, but a correctly built and maintained electric fence can be one of the safest fencing options there is--and is certainly one of the cheapest.

1、 Drive the fence posts into the ground--using a hydraulic fence post driver is the easiest option. Fence posts are typically wooden, 6 to 8 inches in diameter, and driven 2 feet into the ground. Posts can be anywhere from 16 to 75 feet apart depending on the land. Decide where gates will be hung so you can space the posts accordingly. The ends and corners will need to be braced so put a second post about 4 to 6 feet from the corner post and from any gates.

2、Brace the corners and ends by angling a 4-inch-by-4-inch board from the top of the corner or end post to the bottom of the brace post and bolting it in place, or by putting the 4-by-4 between the tops of the two posts, bolting it in place, and wrapping wire around the two posts pulling them together onto the 4-by-4.

3、Slide enough tubular insulators onto the wire for each post. Attach the wire to the end post by threading on a crimping sleeve and about 2 feet of tubular insulator, wrap the insulated wire around the post, put the end of the wire through the other side of the crimping sleeve, and use a crimping tool to crimp the sleeve, connecting the wire back to itself.

4、 Slide all the insulators except one past the next post. Connect the wire to the fence post by placing a barbed fencing staple over the insulated wire and driving it in with a hammer. Do not drive the staple in too far or it will damage the insulator and keep the wire from sliding through. Do drive the staple in far enough that it keeps the insulator from moving. Repeat the process for every wire mesh fence post. Keep the wire to the outside of any bends or curves in the fence.

5、 Install a wire strainer (tensioner) before connecting the wire to the last post the same way you connected the wire to the first post. Tensioners are made differently, so refer to the package instructions.

6、 Repeat Steps 3 to 5 for each strand of wire. Keep strands at least 12 inches apart. When all wires are hung, double-check that each wire is tightened enough that there is no slack anywhere in the fence.

7、 Connect each strand of hot wire together with more wire. You need a very good connection to get good charge on each wire. Run another piece of wire to the fence charger. Be sure the charger is well grounded--two or three grounding rods are better than one.

8、 Hang warning signs on your wire mesh fence so others know not to touch it.



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