How to choose a good sintered filter

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Introduction : sintered mesh is a widely used standard structure of sintered mesh, many enterprises are right it down, but don't know how to choose a good sintered filter.Here we take a look on the sinter filter What are the criteria, only mastered the choice of standard, we can pick the one that better quality.

The raw material of sintered filter is stainless steel wire mesh, usually there are five layers, structure of stainless steel wire of five layer that is not the same, and then fired them, some production process, pressure and repression became our long and short of sintered materials.Sintered mesh Well, first of all, its raw materials are better. Good gloss stainless steel wire to a certain extent, and it doesn't rust long time, if you got a little rusty stainless steel wire in a few days, it was of poor quality, use they made of sintered filter is easy to rust.

Secondly, the filtration accuracy of the sintered filter must be a large range to meet the different needs of use, usually a minimum of accuracy 1μ, the maximum can reach 100μ, if the range is too small, encountered some time we have to filter requirements In addition to buy, very inconvenient. And this must also filtering accuracy is very stable, not prone to imagine mesh deformation, strength requirements are high, the sintered filter has a high pressure resistance and can support strong mechanical degrees.

Since the sintered filter is made of the many small networks, it is not very convenient when cleaning? In fact, a good sintered filter is easy to clean, and can be repeatedly washed, do not bother what tools to use to wash. When sintered filter is usually used in a high temperature environment, the sintered filter so the maximum temperature should reach a minimum of 480 degrees Celsius.

How to choose a good sintered filter

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