Basic knowledge of stainless steel wire mesh

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Basic knowledge of stainless steel wire mesh:
     Stainless steel mesh can be divided into silk screen and wire screen two types according to raw materials.
   Silk screen is the most primitive screen.Stainless steel wire mesh is made of silk screen change .Silk Screen chosen according to the specifications of different fineness of silk, with a whole skein organization, organization or half skein woven plain weave, woven mesh cloth similar manner.Screen mesh used to call on accounts. Screen specifications often per unit length of number of Holes (mesh) is representation,also use the width of each hole is represented.Later evolved into a stainless steel silk net,slowly becoming now a generic name: stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel net Twill, plain weave stainless steel wire mesh, Zhu Liwen stainless steel wire mesh, double stainless steel wire mesh, wire mesh and so on.
      Stainless steel wire mesh is stainless steel sintered wire mesh filter's raw material,the more used for powder screening and oil filter.Synthetic fiber mesh have nylon or polyester filaments and Brown wire in two ways.Filaments with 15 to 30 denier mono-filament,screen mesh aperture smooth surface is conducive to filtration.Weave can use whole skein,party peace and plain weave,specifications have 19 to 104 holes / cm.Mostly used as print tulle, IC printed circuit boards can also be used to screen for making kine-scope phosphors and Magnetic tapes and other fine particles.Brown silk screens with thicker nylon brown silk as raw material,diameter is 0.55 to 0.1 mm,fabric the mostly plain weave seats shaped tissue used in mineral processing, pulp filters, belts and so on.Synthetic fiber mesh has no rust, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, can replace some of the metal mesh.Mesh fabric structure, organization-wide skein, half skein organization, plain weave, weave, twill weave.
      Stainless steel wire mesh with yellow copper wire, phosphorus copper wire, stainless steel wire as raw material woven.According to different of mesh, wire has a thickness of 0.4 to 0.025 mm in specifications.They use a plain weave or twill weave shaped seats.Metal mesh eyelets correct clear, flat surface with high temperature, wear-resistant properties, corrosion resistant stainless steel mesh also.


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