Application of Wedge Wire Screen Cylinders


Wedge Wire cylinders are used as rotary screens, collectors such as screen laterals and nozzles, resin traps, in-line Wedge Wire strainers, water intake screens, well screens, as well as many other applications involving liquid / solids separation.

They can be designed with slot openings and wires running radially on the outside surface of the screen cylinder or they can be positioned axially on the inside of the cylinder.

Screen cylinders are manufactured in various diameters from 1/2" pipe size to 35". Each intersection of wedge wire and support rod is welded for strength and durability.

Rotary Screens typically use wedge wire for the screening media. The above externally fed unit has a spiral wound wedge wire screen drum 36" OD × 120" long.

V-Shaped Slots:
Openings shaped like a "v" that open toward the inside of the well tend to allow the particles that are just barely smaller than the width of the slot pass. In other shapes of openings, these particles would get caught in the screen and clog it.

Continuous Slots:
The special design gives continuous slot opening across the periphery and length of screen.

Non Clogging Slots:
V-Shape wire which gives inwardly widening V-Shape slots.This shape does not give space for any sand particle to get stuck inside the slot and hence these screens are NON CLOGGING.Hence, the efficiency of tube well is not reduced over no. of years due to clogging.

Very Large Open Area:
This design gives continuous slot and hence the open area for water to enter is more than 2 times that of convention a slotted pipes of any size and slot opening. This allows more water to enter at much lesser frictional head loss and the efficiency of tube well is improved appreciably.

Better Sand Filtration:
Due to specialize manufacturing process, wide range of slot opening is available down to 0.15mm to allow proper slot selection depending upon the size of sand in particular area.This gives better sand control and reduced pump maintenance and longer tube well life.

Energy Saving:
Due to reduce frictional head losses and increased discharge, the pump load reduces the power required to pump same quantity of water. Power saving of around 20-25% is observed.

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