metal fiber felt filter

Product Code: 2144
Category:Metal Sintered Filter Elements
Material:Stainless steel 316L
Properties:metal felt filter elements
Application:Filteration Mesh

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Description of metal fiber felt filter

metal fiber felt filter

SS sintered fiber filter
MAX size 1200mm*1000mm

Sintered Metal Fiber Felt Main Applicaiton:
1.Polyester melt purification in chemical fiber and membrane industries.
2.High temperature filtration and corrosion liquid filtration in petroleum industry.
3.Hydraulic fuel and lubrication oil filtration in mechanical equipment.
4.Liquid purfication in pharmaceutical,biological and beverage industries.

Sintered Metal Fiber Felt' Performance and Advantages:
1.High dirt holding capacity, high filtering accuracy, slowly rising of pressure, longer changes cycle.
2.Corrosion resistance of nitric acid, alkali and organic solvent and medicine. It can be used for a long period of service in the temperature of 600 temperature.
3.High porosity and excellent permeability which results in low pressure drop and large flow.
4.Pleatable, provide a large filter area per unit of volume, and it can be welded and machined.
5.Cleanable, can be used several times.

Material of the Sintered Metal Fiber Felt :
Max apply size:1200mm mutiply 1000mm,special sizes are available on request.
Process:Can be processed to disc shape,candle shape, wave shape,etc.

Specification of the metal fiber felt filter

Outer Diameter 
Filtration Precision  
Connection Optional Filter Media Inner Reinforcement
30-180 100- 120 5-55 0.5-150 1.Common Threaded connection 
2.Screw-threaded Connection 
3.Flange connection  
4.Fast Plug-inConnection
1.Two-Layer Sintered Mesh 
2.Three-Layer Sintered Mesh 
3.Pleated Mesh
1.Spiral-tubed Inner Reinforcement  
2. Perforated-plate Inner Reinforcement

Production And Sales of metal fiber felt filter

We provide our clients with the best possible quality-oriented, customised sintered porous metal filters and filter elements, which include multi-layer sintered porous filter meshes, metal powder filters, metal fibre felts and mine filter screens, etc.
Specific orders with technical drawings and sample pictures for the products are welcome. And we shall also be ready to provide you with the drawings or samples for your specific requirement.

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