Stainless Steel Metal Felt Filter

Product Code: 1669
Category:Metal Sintered Filter Elements
Material:Stainless Steel wire mesh,sintered wire mesh
Properties:Sintered filter
Application:Filtration,fuel Filter,Hydraulic Filter

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Description of Stainless Steel Metal Felt Filter

     Stainless Steel Sintered fiber felt is made of extremely fine stainless steel fiber ( micron grade ) by sintering in high temperature after special non-woven matching and laying. With the pore gradient formed by layers of different pore sizes,the stainless steel sintered fiber felt product can achieve higher filtering rating and larger holding capacity,and larger filter area,and can keep the filtering working continuously based on this character,stainless steel sintered fiber felt can overcome the disadvantages of easy to be blocked and damaged of stainless steel mesh,and the disadvantages of fragile and low flow rate of sintered stainless steel powder filter,and has the advantages of resistant to high temperature and high pressure, of which normal filter paper and filter cloth can not compare with it.

     The sintered metal fiber felt filter are manufactured with sintered metal micro-fibers, uniformly distributed to create a 3D filtering structure. The metal felt cartridge are specifically designed for viscous or corrosive fluids, or those with high viscosity.

Applications for Stainless Steel Metal Felt Filter:

High temperature fluids;High viscosity fluids;Toxic or hazardous fluids;Hydraulic oil;Natural or process gases;Process steam;High differential pressure;Corrosive liquids and gases;Cryogenic fluids;Electronic grade liquids or gases;Precious particulate recovery;Sterilization steam

Features for Stainless Steel Metal Felt Filter:

3 times greater dirt holding capacity than conventional metal cartridges
Double the porosity and permeability than sinter metal power cartridges
4 times higher flow rate than conventional metal cartridges
No media migration or fiber release
Excellent mechanical strength
Reclothing design available

Product Character for Stainless Steel Metal Felt Filter:

1.High dirt holding capacity ,excellent filter rating ,long replacement period
2.High porosity,excellent permeability ,Low pressure drop ,high flow rate
3.Crrosion and high temperature resistance ,acid,alkali,organic solvent,pharmaceutical etc.resistance,can be used under 480°C for long time.
4.Easy to be processed and welded
5.Special specifications are on request

Stainless Steel Metal Felt Filter


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Specification of the Stainless Steel Metal Felt Filter

Stainless Steel Metal Fiber Felt technical criteria and deviation

Pressure of Bubble Point
Air Permeability
Pore Opening
Pollutant Carry Capacity
Thickness (mm) Breaking Strength
Basic Value Dev. Basic Value Dev. Basic Value Dev. Basic Value Dev. Basic Value Dev. Basic Value Dev.
SF5 5 6800 +10% 47 +10% 75 +10% 5.0 +10% 0.30 +10% 32 +10%
SF7 7 5200 63 76 6.5 0.30 36
SF10 10 3700 105 75 7.8 0.37 32
SF15 15 2450 205 79 8.6 0.40 23
SF20 20 1900 280 80 15.5 0.48 23
SF25 25 1550 355 80 19.0 0.62 20
SF30 30 1200 520 80 26.0 0.63 23
SF40 40 950 670 78 29.0 0.68 26
SF60 60 630 1300 85 36.0 0.62 28



3.Could add protected mesh on both side

Production And Sales of Stainless Steel Metal Felt Filter

Stainless Steel Metal Felt Filter

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