Sintered copper porous filters

Product Code: 2302
Category:Sintered Powder Filter
Material:Stainless steel 316L
Properties:sintered power filter

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Description of Sintered copper porous filters

Sintered copper porous filters Mainly in high-pressure forming of stainless steel after the high temperature vacuum sintering.the product has high mechanical strength, high temperature,corrosion-resistant,pore size and porosity control,renewable and so on.are widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical,pharmaceutical industry, metallurgy industry, food industry and many other fields.

Features of Sintered Copper Porous Filter 

1) The pore size and porosity contral, filtering and high precision

2) Permeablity,initial pressure of small

3) High mechanical strength,good stability , can work under high pressure

4) High temperature

5) The corrosion resistance can be in strong corrosive environments

6) Renewable, long service life


Applications of Sintered Copper Porous Filter 

1) gas and liquid filtration

2) filtering and recycling of solid catalyst

3) slurry filter and other petrochemical products

4) the high-temperature gas and flue gas purification

5) the dust and exhaust gas purification

6) the chemical industry in the gas distribution

7) the wanter treatment industry

Standard Material:stainless steel 304,316L

The main parameters:

Filter accuracy:0.2um-40um


Tensile strength:MAX 80Mpa

Temperature resistance:MAX 600 degree

Specification model:


Length :MAX 1000mm

Standard thickness:2.5mm

Interface Type:threaded M20,M30,M36,M42,Planar 215,220,222,226,Flange Inerface.

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Specification of the Sintered copper porous filters

Sintered metal filters are manufactured from bronze, brass and stainless steel powders via powder metallurgy process

Metal filters of various geometric shapes are suitable for filtration gases and liquids

Sintered metal filters have uniform structure,high mechanical strength and excellent high temperature resistance

Filters can be put together by soldering or gluing

Filter efficiency can be regulated by grain size of used powder

The service life can be prolonged by cleaning and regenerating process

Production And Sales of Sintered copper porous filters

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