Inorganic Membranes filter

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Properties:sintered power filter

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Description of Inorganic Membranes filter

Inorganic Membranes filter

AccuSep filter elements, which are available in a seamless, tubular format, are high performance, low cost inorganic microfiltration products. These sintered metal filter elements are produced by a proprietary process which creates a high void volume, strong and very uniform medium. This medium is relatively thin, resulting in a structure that is up to 3 times more permeable than that found in conventional pressed sintered metal tubes.

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Specification of the Inorganic Membranes filter


Features Advantages Benefits
Seamless Construction Higher effective surface area

Greater resistance to thermal and chemical stresses
Lower filtration costs
Smaller filter systems required
Reliable and consistent product performance
Available in Up to 8 ft continuous lengths Fewer seal points

Efficient manufacturing process
Lower filtration costs
Small diameter tubes High packing (filter area per vessel volume) efficiency Smaller, lower cost filtration system
Proprietary inorganic medium Higher permeability than competitive ceramic or sintered metal products

Highly uniform pore size distribution
Longer filter life

Smaller filter systems required

Consistent operating flux when used as a backwashable, blowback or crossflow filter

Production And Sales of Inorganic Membranes filter

Fittings and connector can be bonded to the porous parts by welding (TIG welding), machining or directly welded during sintering process.
Available materials are: stainless steel 316L, 304, 904, Titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, Nickel, Monel and other alloys .etc.on request.
The pore size can be adjusted by suitable selection of the powder size fraction and the process parameters.

Main Advantages
1. Good shape stability
2. High strength and good integrity
3. Controllable pore sizes and porosity
4. Good permeability
5. Good corrosion and thermal resistance
6. Easy to be made into complicated shapes

1. Gas and liquid filtration
2. Solid catalyst recovery
3. Filtration of slurry oil and other petrochemical products
4. Fluidization
5. Powder conveying
6. Aeration and other applications in various industrial fields

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