May Day Holiday Notice

May Day is a holiday shared by working people all over the world. Our company has a total of five days off during this holiday: April 30 to May 4. If the email contact is not responded in time during the holiday, you can add my other contact information:
WhatsApp/skype: +86 136 5328 5589
WeChat: +86 173 6301 0656

The history of May Day(International Labor Day) has a long history. Its significance lies in the fact that laborers have won their legitimate rights and interests through struggle and with a tenacious, heroic and unyielding spirit of struggle. It is a historic progress of human civilization and democracy.

That's why people pay so much attention to Labor Day. Labor is not only about people's health and wisdom, but also about people's happiness and beauty. Labor enriches our lives, and labor trains and makes us human. The greatness of man lies in his ability to work, his ability to work, and his love of work. A life without labor is meaningless, and a life that reflects labor is full of happiness.

On this occasion, I wish the working people of the world a happy holiday!

May Day Holiday Notice

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