Filter Nozzle

Product Code: 3157
Category:Water Strainer & Nozzle
Material:stainless steel 302,304,304L,316,316L
Properties:wedge wire screen
Application:water-treatment , water well drilling ,oil well drilling ,mineral processing, coal-cleaning plant

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Description of Filter Nozzle

By optimising the ratio between the head loss of each component (open area and fitting) we can determine the optimum quantity of nozzles to ensure a perfect distribution or collection without channelling, wall effects, or dead zones.

Filter nozzles are used in liquid/solid or gas/solid separation (sand, catalyst, resins, zeolite etc). The design of each nozzle and the exact quantity will be proposed in order to obtain a perfect distribution or collection of flow.

Our filter nozzles are an excellent technical and economical solution in bringing together a fully welded, strong and highly corrosion resistant structure and with a non-plugging surface.

Filter Nozzle

Usage of horizontal slotted wire filter nozzle

-- Catalytic processes

-- Ion exchange processes

-- Sand filters

-- Activated carbon processes

-- Filter nozzles DESIGN


Advantages of horizontal slotted wire filter nozzle


1) Strength: As fourth and fifth layers do support, with high mechanical strength and compressive strength.

2) Easy to clean: As a result of surface of the filter material, having means for cleaning characteristics, especially suitable for backwashing.

3) Easy processing: suitable for cutting, bending, stamping, drawing, welding and other processes.

4) High temperature: 480 °Ccan withstand high temperatures.

5) Corrosion resistance: As a result of SUS316L, 304 materials, the corrosion resistance.

6) Filtration: Filtration range of 1μm-200μm, has a reliable filter performance.

7) Stability: Because there are two layers to do to protect the screen, plus solid melting diffusion sintering process which make filters is not easily to deform.


Application of filter nozzle


1) Used in food and beverage industry (milk powder, tea, coffee and etc).

2) Used in chemical and pharmaceutical industry (pharmaceutical products,plastic Recycling and Precision sieving of powders and etc.)

3) Used in petrochemical industry.

4) Used in water treatment system.

5) Used in aerospace industry

Filter Nozzle

Specification of the Filter Nozzle

Filter Nozzle

D L L1 Slot Size d Flow Area mm2
45 98 34 0.2-0.25 M20 380-493
45 100 44 0.2-0.25 M24 551-690
53 100 34 0.2-0.25 M24 453-597
53 100 44 0.2-0.25 M27 680-710
53 105 50 0.2-0.25 M32 800-920
57 115 34 0.2-0.25 M30 560-670
57 120 55 0.2-0.25 M32 780-905
60 120 55 0.2-0.25 G1" 905-1100
82 130 50 0.2-0.25 M33 1170-1280
108 200 100 0.2-0.25 G2" 3050-4600

Production And Sales of Filter Nozzle

Filter Nozzle

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