hydac hydraulic oil mesh filter

Product Code: 2910
Category:Basket Filters
Material:Stainless Steel
Properties:Stainless Steel Filter element
Application:solids/water removal

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Description of hydac hydraulic oil mesh filter

hydac hydraulic oil mesh filter

1. Construction

As the core of the filter, it is the filter element which performs the actual filtration and/or dewatering function in the housing.

They consist of several pleated filtration and support layers which are placed as a cylinder around or inside the stabilising support tube. These mesh packs are sealed by the endcaps.

Regardless of the type of filter, flow direction through the filter elements is from out to in.

Depending on the filter material, the filter mesh pack is encased in an additional outer plastic sleeve.

2. Description

Direction of flow---------------------------from out to in

Element description---------------------with or without valve

Element type-------------------------------D, R


High contamination retention capacity

High pressure stability values

Good flow fatigue strength

Low initial differential pressure

Low cost with high quality


0090 R 020 BN/HC                   0500 R 010 BN/HC                             0150 R 020 BN/HC

1300 R 010 BN/HC                   0280 D 200 W                                     0280 D 010 BH/HC

0140D010BH/HC                      0330D005BN/HC                                0201 RK 010 MM

H/FA-D 465404                         0160D010BH/HC                                 0330 R 100 W/HC 

0950R020BN/HC                       0660D010BN/HC                                 0660 D 010 BH/HC

0330D005BH/HC                       0240 D010 BH/HC                              0660 R 020 BN/HC/-B6 

0075 R005 BN/HC                     0240 D 010 BN/HC                              0030R020BN/HC

0240 R 010 BN/HC                    0110 R 010 BN/HC                              0110 D 010 BN/HC

0030 D 010BH/HC                     0160R050W/HC                                  0060 R 010 BN/HC

0060 D 010 V                             0060 D 010 BH/HC                             0110 D 010 BH/HC

0500 D 010 BH/HC                    0160D 010 BN/HC                               030D 010 BN4HC

0140 D 010 BN/HC                    0060 D 010 BN/HC                              0330 D 010 BN/HC

Specification of the hydac hydraulic oil mesh filter

hydac hydraulic oil mesh filter

flow direction: from out to in

pressure stability: 10-20 bar

temperature range: -30℃~100℃

filtration rating: 3um~200um

series: R,RN,D,DN,RK,RS

usage: solids/water removal

certification: ISO9001:2008

sample: avaliable

Production And Sales of hydac hydraulic oil mesh filter

hydac hydraulic oil mesh filter

Packaging Details:1.plastic membrane for unit filter 2. carton box for single 3. wooden case for total

Delivery Detail:within 15 working days after getting your payment

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