Wedge Wire Strainer Basket

Product Code: 2080
Category:Basket Filters
Material:Stainless steel 316L
Properties:basket filter

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Description of Wedge Wire Strainer Basket

Wedge Wire Strainer Basket

Heavy Machined Flange (with O-Ring) for seal between strainer basket and strainer housing.
Wedge Wire (Slotted Screen) is preferred in some applications. Wedge Wire Strainer Baskets are available with any slot size from 0.003” (80 microns).
Shown with Quick Release Handle.

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Specification of the Wedge Wire Strainer Basket

For some applications, modifying the standard strainer basket slightly will not compromise the application, but reduces cost. A round rod handle can be welded directly to the heavy machined flange. This eliminates the need for the Quick Release Handle. An O-Ring seal between the strainer basket and the strainer housing remains. Handle not removable

Production And Sales of Wedge Wire Strainer Basket

pplication  :  For trapping foreign particles in the pipe line to be used as temporary strainers during start up and Trail runs. Used as resin traps also.

Construction  :  Stainless Steel (SS 304 & SS 316)

Connections  :  Suitable for mounting in between Flanges of pipe joints.

Range  :  Sizes from NB 20 onwards.
Flanges suitable for mounting in DIN or ASA Flanges.
Micro rating as per customers requirement.

Special Features  :  Very convenient to move.

Availability  :  Made out of perforated sheet and with mesh lining.

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