Titanium Powder cylinder Filters

Product Code: 1606
Category:Cylinder Filter
Material:Stainless Steel wire mesh,Titanium Powder
Properties:Stainless Steel Filter
Application:Filtration,fuel Filter,Hydraulic Filter

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Description of Titanium Powder cylinder Filters

Ubo manufactures various kinds of sintered metal powder filters in forms of filter cylinder, filter cartridge, filter tube, filter candle, filter sheet, filter disc, sparger, diffusion aerator and so on. By cold isostatic pressing or co-axial pressing via powder metallurgy process. 

Titanium Powder cylinder Filterscan be bonded to the porous parts by welding (TIG welding), machining or directly welded during sintering process.

Titanium Powder cylinder Filters Available materials are: Stainless steel 316/316L, 304/304L, 310, 904, Titanium, Inconel, Hastelloy, Nickel, Monel and other alloys. etc. On request.

The Titanium Powder cylinder Filters pore size is made to 0.2~200 microns and can be adjusted by suitable selection of the powder size fraction and the process parameters.

Advantages of Titanium Powder cylinder Filters

1. Good shape stability
2. High strength and good integrity
3. Controllable pore sizes and porosity
4. Good permeability
5. Good corrosion and thermal resistance
6. Easy to be made into complicated shapes

Applications of Titanium Powder cylinder Filters

1. Gas and liquid filtration
2. Solid catalyst recovery
3. Filtration of slurry oil and other petrochemical products
4. Fluidization
5. Powder conveying
6. Aeration and other applications in various industrial fields


Titanium Powder cylinder Filters

Specification of the Titanium Powder cylinder Filters

1.Filter Materials:SUS 316,316L,304

2.Filtering Rating:1um,2um,5um,10um,15um,20um,25um and etc

3.Filter Media:Sintered Wire Mesh

4.Shapes:Cartridge Filter, Disc Filters,Pleated Filter Elements, Filter Panel and etc.

5.Working Temperature:200 —600°C 


Production And Sales of Titanium Powder cylinder Filters


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