Industrial Basket Filters

Product Code: 1628
Category:Basket Filters
Material:stainless Steel wire mesh
Properties:stainless steel filter
Application:Filtration,Air Filter,basket Filter

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Description of Industrial Basket Filters

Industrial Basket Filters will permit the straining or filtering of a wide variety of fluids, to retain solids of almost any size. All baskets filters are easily removable and cleanable. Basket strainers elements can be offered in single cylinder, double cylinder, multi cylinder and pleated design depend upon requirement of application. They are constructed of filter housing, filter element supported with perforated cage, positive sealing arrangement to avoid any bypass & choice of end connections.

Industrial Basket Filters Adaptors: 

1.Standard Adaptors (222,220,226)

2.Fast Interface Connector

3.Threaded Connector


5.Tire Rod

6.Other Special Adaptors

Application of Industrial Basket Filters

Basket filters are mainly used in such industries as petroleum, chemical industry, food, beverage, water treatments, etc.

Operation: Unfiltered liquid enters the basket housing and passes down through them. Solid are contained inside / outside of basket depend upon design and removed when the unit is serviced. They are available with in situ backwashing arrangement, where it does not required removing baskets for cleaning, often.

Basket filters normally supplied with spring arrangement at top of filter element. This will ensure any type of bypassing & confirm the position of basket, even in case of reverse flow. Fluid bypass around the basket is prevented by an optional O-Ring seal between the basket rim and the housing id.

Features & Benefits of Industrial Basket Filters

Large-area, heavy-duty baskets.
Low pressure drops.
Housing are permanently piped.
Covers are O-Ring sealed.
Carbon steel, or stainless steel (304 Or 316) housing.
Easy to clean.
Option of in situ backwashing.
Filtration rating available from 5 micron to 2000 micron & more.

Industrial Basket Filters

Specification of the Industrial Basket Filters

1.Filter Materials:SUS 316L,304


2.Filtering Rating: 1-200 micron


3.Filter Media:Sintered Wire Mesh or Sintered Metal Fiber Felt


4.Shapes:Cartridge Filter, Disc Filters,Pleated Filter Elements, Filter Panel and etc.


5.Working Temperature:-200 —600°C

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