Low Carbon Steel Wire Mesh Discs

Product Code: 2020
Category:Disc Filters
Material:Stainless steel 302,304,304L,316,316L
Properties:filter disc
Application:Filter (chemistry),Oil filter,Water Filter

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Description of Low Carbon Steel Wire Mesh Discs

Low Carbon Steel Wire Mesh Discs

ubo offer cut to size service to meet our customers' needs. If you have a special requirements about the size and shape of the wire mesh filter discs, welcome to contact us,our engineer and technician will solve the problem. You can also provide us your drawing or sample,we will try our best to satisfy your standard.

Materials available:

Copper Wire Mesh Discs
Aluminum Wire Mesh Discs
Brass Wire Mesh Discs
Bronze Wire Mesh Discs
Low Carbon Steel Wire Mesh Discs
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Discs
Galvanized Wire Mesh Discs

Processing method:

Woven Wire Mesh Discs
Welded Wire Mesh Discs
Perforated Mesh Discs

Specification of the Low Carbon Steel Wire Mesh Discs

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Production And Sales of Low Carbon Steel Wire Mesh Discs

Metal filters are designed from three basic materials: wire cloth, expanded metal and perforated metal. Each material has its own flow rates and individual characteristics making it a “best fit” for particular engineering requirements. For example, perforated metals can be selected with round holes, square holes, or any other shape required based on size and or shape of the particulate that needs to be strained or filtered. Expanded metal and perforated metal filters offer superior rigidity and durability to wire cloth filters. For filters that require intricate bends and pleats to achieve proper performance characteristics, and where durability is less of a concern, wire cloth filters in mesh ranges from 2 x 2 to 5 micron mesh are the clear choice.

Metal Filter Materials
Wire cloth filters, expanded metal filters, and perforated metal filters can be designed and manufactured using the a wide range of materials:
Aluminum Filters
Brass Filters
Bronze Filters
Carbon Steel Filters
Copper Filters
Galvanized Steel Filters
Monel Filters
Stainless Steel Filters
Stainless Steel 304 Filters
Stainless Steel 316 Filters

In some applications, filter design requires a mix of materials for support or to develop a protective underlying or outer structure of expanded or perforated metal or a coarser mesh that guards delicate pleated interior components.
Typical metal filter shapes, closures & end styles
Metal filters as custom designed to fit your specific application can be formed using a variety of techniques. The specifics of your filtration requirement – particles size, GPM flow rate, contact liquid as well as the physical space limitations into which the filter must fit all affect the construction type and the filter end formation.
The following are typical construction variations:
Pinched End Filters
Bag Fold Filters
Square fold End Filters
Flush Bottom Filters – these filters could be fitted with a wire cloth bottom or solid metal end cap
Inverted Bottom Filters
Cone Shaped Filters
Truncated Cone Filters
Rectangular Filters
Pleated Filters
Cylindrical Filters
Metal Y Filters

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