Wedge Wire Screens Application in Agriculture

UBO manufactures wedge wire screens for the agricultural industry. Among these industrial profile screens are sieve bends, flat panels and cylinders used in screw presses.

Primary agricultural uses for wedge wire screens:
• Feed screening
• Feed recovery
• Manure separation

Why should you separate your manure?
Raw manure is troublesome. It is messy to transport, costly to store and can be an environmental hazard if not separated and stored properly. Separating the manure helps to minimize these problems while creating useful byproducts.

Some beneficial byproducts of manure separation are:
• Separated solids can be used or sold as fertilizer (after brief period of composting)
• Separated solids can be used as bedding material
• Separated liquid can be irrigated on farm land or used to feed your
flushing system
• Overall slurry storage costs decrease due to reduced volume
• Odor and health risks decrease

Wedge Wire Screens Application in Agriculture

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