The filter service life as long as possible water purifier purchase misunderstanding

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The filter service life as long as possible water purifier purchase misunderstanding

Along with the people more and more attention to the safety of water quality, water purifier has become a tool for water purification. But along with the market competition intensifies, water purifier market, product quality is uneven, to buy water purifier what errors? Let's have a look.

A misunderstanding: the more the better product filter

Some manufacturers to promote their products, filter, but the fact is not the more the better filter. Some water purifier motor are four or five core, but by simple filtration material, the filtering effect is not as good as a high performance composite filter. Experts remind consumers, drinking water last filter parts, as far as possible to use disposable filter, which can avoid the pollution two.

Misunderstanding two: imported products must be better than those made in China

Some consumers think, imported products must be better than those made in china. Experts said, good water quality in developed countries, can be directly consumed, household water purifier they generally used to solve two pollution of water supply pipeline may form. So the purification process of household water purifier imports are relatively simple, usually of the "pre filtration + activated carbon", for those who can reach the drinking water standard of the country, water purification process that was more than enough. But the water quality in our country is quite complex, depending on the water purification process of single is not possible to completely clean. From the water purification process, household water purifier filter element combination is more suitable for the water quality Chinese.

Misunderstanding three: filter life as long as possible

There is some water purifier filter element can be declared in 3 to 5 years without replacement, experts said, all the year round without replacement may mean filtering accuracy, not only purify the effect not beautiful, but also bring pollution two.

Misunderstanding four: install water purifier can sleep without any anxiety

Many people think that with the water purifier can sleep without any anxiety, in fact. Take 5 level filtration reverse osmosis water purifier for example, generally two months to replace a PP cotton, activated carbon filter use cycle is 3-6 months, ultrafiltration filter life of 24 months, the reverse osmosis filter can be used for 36 months. Experts remind consumers, need to frequently change the water purifier filter to ensure the filtering effect, otherwise, the filter can become the source of pollution. The frequency of replacement of the filter to the water pollution situation, found that the water purifier water flow is smaller than before, it is necessary to consider the replacement of the filter element

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