The Application of wedge wire screen in nuclear power plant

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Nuclear energy is an environmentally friendly energy source that plays an increasingly important role in modern society. After more than 30 years of development, the construction and production of nuclear energy has developed and prospered at home and abroad.

Nuclear power generation requires a large amount of water to be extracted from the ocean, so water quality treatment is critical to the successful production of nuclear energy. Seawater can only be used in power stations after repeated chemical and physical treatment to purify water. The method of blocking is to pass water through the filter material while retaining large pieces of impurities to obtain cleaner water for the power station.

As a new type of structural filter material, wedge wire screens are increasingly used in nuclear power plants because of their high filtration accuracy, high structural strength, and ease of backwashing.

Nowadays, wedge wire screens have formed a series of standardized products. It has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, food, and other industries to provide a reference for its promotion in the field of nuclear power. The application of wedge wire mesh screens in nuclear power plant facilities is at a rapid development stage. The wedge screen is used as a water intake screen to filter water in lakes, rivers, streams, and reservoirs. Water passes through the screen while keeping the debris and aquatic life clear. Filters can be placed far from the coast to improve water quality and reduce the concentration of marine life and debris.

The process of wedge wire screens continues to improve. With the continuous improvement of the wedge screen process and the rapid development of nuclear power, we believe that the application of wedge screens in nuclear power plants will become faster and faster. We specialize in the production of custom wedge wire filter screens and wedge wire pipe, and there are also professional engineers to provide you with suggestions for filtration. For more details, you can email us or leave a message on the website, and we see the information contact you for the first time.

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