Scraper discharging drum vacuum filter

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A Structure and working principle

Scraper discharging drum vacuum filter main parts including horizontal rotating drum, slurry, agitator, distribution head (also called a switching valve). The surface of the drum (circumference) decorated with several pieces of rectangular plate, in sequence on the screen Panel covered with metal mesh filter cloth. Sieve drum space separators by radial ribs, as drum sizes, constitute 10~ 30 independent small chambers, so the machine is called a filter.

Each filter Chamber are single single hole communicated with the main distribution head end. Heads was allocated the radial ribs into 4 rooms, they communicated with a vacuum or compressed air, respectively. Operation, only distribution head plate with rotating drum, drum on the small filter Chamber will have four rooms connected with the distribution head. When the filter drum partially immersed in suspension by motor through gear driven drum rotation.

Scraper discharging drum vacuum filter single-chamber-type rotary drum vacuum filter is the modification of blade-rotary drum vacuum filter, its inner cavity of the drum are not separated, with distribution, it is also known as unformatted rotary-drum vacuum filter. Drum peripheral with a porous plate, covered with cloth on it, the whole drum can rotate on the stationary hollow shaft, speed 1/6 ~ 33r/min,

When the filter drum bottom dipped in slurry, the whole cavity of the drum is full vacuum, the filtrate in the presence of negative pressure through the filter media in the drum Chamber, pooling in the lower part of the drum, and then through the filtrate discharge suction pipe and hollow shaft machines.

B features and scope

These two types of aircraft structure unit, automatic continuous operation, large capacity, wash well and easy maintenance, low cost, can be widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, food, petroleum refining, paper and waste water treatment industries. For liquid and solid particles (0.01 ~ LMM) 5min drum filters within 3mm uniform thickness of the filter cake formed on the surface of the slurry filter. Does not apply to filter colloidal or viscosity is too big, need to filter filter driver suspensions; does not apply to filter solid density is too large, suspension of the settlement too fast; nor does it apply to cake breathable material and Yao of modified slurry filtration.

Scraper discharging drum vacuum filter

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