Detail of stainless steel wire mesh filter

2020-12-23Tags:Stainless steel wire mesh filter, filter element,oem,Posted By zhaozhao
Stainless steel wire mesh filters are ideal for filtration under harsh environmental conditions. We manufacture customized products to order stainless steel filters of different sizes in single or multi-layer woven wire mesh. Available stainless steel weave styles include plain weave, twill, plain Dutch and anti-Dutch twill fabric. These wire mesh filters can be stamped into a certain size, and then sintered, soldered, welded and rolled to a certain size.
Features of stainless steel wire mesh filter:
The screen can be customized and manufactured into any shape or application
Easy to operate
The screen can be punched or cut to a certain size
The wire mesh can be rolled, welded, sintered and welded
Stainless steel filter can have custom flange
Provide a variety of meshes
Provide a variety of material types
Stainless steel wire mesh filters are also used for:
Aerospace and oil/gas industry
Solvent, paint, water
Filter, sieving, sizing
Faucet screen
Insect net
Decorative wire mesh
Decoration/crafts application
Stainless steel wire mesh is durable, washable and reusable, making it an economical choice for most filtration projects.
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