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Stainless Steel Filter elements are made of 304 or 316 stainless steel, they are cleanable and reusable, and can unaffected by most caustic fluids. The article will introduce a cost-effective stainless steel filter element manufacturer in china for you.

According to the editor, YUBO produces high-quality, cost-effective stainless steel filter elements. Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Anping - a famous Wire Mesh Land in Hebei, China. We use the best raw materials to produce stainless steel filter products. We always put the quality of our products and the interests of our customers first. So we have a lot of repeat customers.

Why choose to cooperate with YUBO?
1.We have more than 10 years of experience in wedge wire mesh products and filter elements.
2.We are located in the hometown of wire mesh, the quality of raw materials is high, the price is low, and the product quality is guaranteed.
3.We have our own product designers, who can design and produce products according to customer requirements for products (different product heights, widths, and gap sizes, etc.).
4.We have our own factory to meet our own design-production needs.
5.Of course we have our own sales and service team to protect the rights and interests of our customers.

The stainless steel filter element products produced by YUBO include cone filter&strainer, Basket Filters, Cylinder filter, Pleated filter, filter strainer, and so on. As the best filter element for various forms of automatic filters (such as automatic backwashing, scraper self-cleaning, scraper self-cleaning, and sucking self-cleaning filters), our wedge wire filter elements are widely used in fluids in various industries.

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