Application of different common function of the corresponding wedge wire screen plate

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It is applicable to different products of different plate material and structure of the occasion, to form a common plate as an example, do you know what their corresponding applications? Follow up and see it.

The opening rate of sieve plate should have sufficient strength, high performance and easy plugging. Vibration sieve, sieve plate with different shape and size of the material, material size, the vibration under the action of different material separation, achieve classification purpose. According to the process requirements of size and screening by screen material, generally can be divided into the following several kinds of sieve plate:

1, bar sieve plate

Bar sieve plate is composed of a set of parallel with the section shape of steel rod. The rods are arranged in parallel, the interval between the bar is the screen size. The bar screen surface is generally used for the fixed screen or the heavy vibrating screen, which is suitable for the screening of coarse grain materials with particle size larger than 50mm.

2, punching sieve

Punching sieve is generally in the plate thickness of 5-12mm system on circular, square or rectangular mesh and. Compared with round or square mesh sieve, sieve rectangular mesh is usually effective area, light quality, high productivity, suitable for the treatment of high water content material, but the separation precision of screening.

3 mesh sieve:

Mesh sieve is used with woven wire bending buckle and the mesh shape is square or rectangle. The utility model has the advantages of light weight, high hole opening rate, high frequency vibration in the process of screening, and the fine particles adhered on the steel wire, so as to improve the screening efficiency. Suitable for medium and fine material screening. But the disadvantage is short life.

4, sieve plates:

Made of stainless steel as a screen, there are three types of wear, welding and weaving. The sieve plate slit section round shape, width can be 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1mm, 2mm etc.. Sieve plates suitable for fine dehydration, desliming sculping and.

5, the polyurethane sieve plate:

The polyurethane sieve plate is a mesh with polyurethane products for the production of raw materials, hole shaped sieve plate is divided into: slit, rectangular, circular, square and so on, has good wear resistance, oil resistance, hydrolysis resistance, resistant bacteria, aging resistance, widely used in coal washing plant, coking plant, mines, power plants, and dredging company metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical and other industries.

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