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stainless steel melt filter cartridge manufacturer

UBO can provide various kind of melt filter cartridge,the material,the length,thickness,filter rate and very parameter can be made by customer's requirement.

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Stainless steel cartridge

Stainless steel cartridge can be designed,Stainless steel filter cartridge in the absence of external factors affecting the situation, can design by yourself, including filtering values, filter material, filter section and strengthen the support section, as well as shape and size, touching hands, etc., so out of their own design product, that is practical and convenient, practical and easy to use, and can be customized good quality, wear or corrosion-resistant, stainless steel filter cartridge for this process must do more with less., There are a lot of customers in their own design using stainless steel filter cartridges, used to the style of the previous fixed manufacturers to design, fixed products, but in actual use, because manufacturers do not participate, do not understand its advantages and disadvantages, and only customer actually used to know his strengths and weaknesses, and improvement will be handy to use,UBO is specialized in producing and distributing filter, filter element,polymeric filter,filter strainer,wedge wire screen etc. Welcome to contact us for more information and cooperation.0086-0311-83289301

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Wedge Wire Screen
stainless steel cartridge filter

Ubo Filter Co.,Ltd is specialized in producing and distributing Fiber & Synthetic Metal Filters , Stainless Steel Polyer Filter Candle ,Chemical pressure sintered metal net filter ,Porous metal fiber felt filter cartridgeLiquid Solid Pleated Filter Cartridge,316 Metallic Fiber Felt Filter Element,Synthetic Pleatd Metal Cartridge Filter , etc,Welcome to contact us for more information and cooperation.0086-0311-83289301

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Stainless Steel Filter Element