What is precision filter

2015-02-25Tags:precision filter,Posted By Maria

What is precision filter

Precision filter also called security filters,the shell generally used stainless steel material,internal use of PP melt-blown line burning,folding,titanium filter,activated carbon filters and tubular filter as a filter element, according to different filtration media and design process to the select different filter element,in order to meet requirement of output water.The body can also select fast-loading,in order to convenient filter replacement and cleaning.The device is widely used in pharmaceutical,chemical,food,beverage,water treatment,brewing,oil,printing,dyeing,environmental protection etc,it is all kinds of liquid filtration,clarification,purification treatment ideal equipment.

Precision filter with a high dirt holding capacity,corrosion resistance,good temperature,flow easy operation,long life,no fiber and many features.

Usage:all kinds of painting equipment cotton top and frame filter,bag filter,application chemical,oil,food, pharmaceuticals,water treatment and other occasions.

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