What are the characteristics of our wire cloth ?

2017-02-20Tags:wire cloth,Posted By zhaozhao

UBO have supplied woven wire into an almost every industries and applications. We offer the full range of specifications from 6" aperture down to 1 micron nominal aperture. Wire cloth can offer wide ranging characteristics dependent on the configuration of wire thickness in relation to aperture size, as well as type of weave, and can vary in texture from being as fine, soft and flexible as silk to being as rigid as steel plate.
Wire cloth provides many advantages as following:

1.Widest range filtration, from over 6 inch aperture down to 1 micron nominal 

2.High open area / flow rate

3.Closely controlled, accurate apertures

4.Smooth surface - screening surface has no sharp edges, burrs or acute angles

5.Very high temperature tolerance ( variable according to metal selected)

6.Usable under high pressure

7.Flexible - ideal for forming rigid concave / convex shapes

8.Control of chemical / acid/ corrosion resistance using different metals

9.Special aperture requirements can be met without high tooling costs

10high durability  /table under tension

Weaving process uses no punching, piercing or stretching operations that
create stress induced weaknesses

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