Superior V wire screen filters for industrial applications

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YUBO Filtration specializes in manufacturing industrial V wedge wire screen filters for oil and gas, wastewater treatment, Desalination, coal mine, rainwater harvesting markets.

V wire screen filters

Structurally, this allows the type V screen to prevent blockage and give it a higher strength. Therefore, profile wire mesh has higher strength and durability than traditional wire mesh, porous plate, or filter cloth filters.

According to the use environment and materials, V wire screen filters can be used almost always or even lifelong, if there is no need, you can not be replaced, thus reducing operating costs.

  • V Wire Screen Filter is a Highly Acceptable Modern Technology in industrial filtration and Rain Water Harvesting
  • High precision ensures the effective retention of the filter medium.
  • It has high mechanical strength and can withstand a high-pressure drop.
  • Excellent resistance to block and easy to backwash (blow wash).
  • Wedge wire screen has a larger circulation area compared with other screens.

v wire screen filters

Your Masterly V Wire Screen Filter Manufacturer in China

Our V Wire Screen Filter products are very strong and welded or sintered. Length, diameter, thickness, alloy, medium grade, and other specifications can be adjusted during the production process so that the product is suitable for a variety of filtration, flow, and chemical compatibility in different customer processes.

V Wire Screen Filter Manufacturer in China

Wedge Wire Screen Filter

A wedge wire screen filter is a wire mesh product widely used for screening and filtration in operations such as screening, filtration, dehydration, and removal. The filter screen has high strength, stiffness, and carrying capacity, and can be made into rigid screening filters of various shapes.

Wedge wire screen (Johnson screen) can be made into flatcurved, tube, conical, and cylindrical sections. They are characterized by precision workmanship, large gap size, long service life, self-cleaning, and low-pressure drop ability.

Wedge wire screen filters are widely used in many fields.

They can be used as vibrating screens, floors, and decorative materials. They have more applications in mining, coal, chemical, food, and water treatment applications for filtration, screening, and grading. Wedge silk screens of different shapes and types can accommodate more machines, including carbon filters, desulfurized, molecular screens, gas desulfurized, and filter tanks.

Wedge wire screen filters are widely used in many fields.

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