Stainless steel filter products

Stainless steel filter products
Nowadays, the pollution of the environment has become more and more serious, and many consumers will purchase filters to protect the quality of their living environment. However, filters are also used for years, so many filter manufacturers have to prolong the service life of filters. Choose the raw material that stainless steel products most.
Stainless steel filter cartridges are used in a wide range of applications. In both heavy industry and light industry, even some food industries have begun to use stainless steel filters for filtration. For example, many factories now have a lot of production processes. Industrial wastewater will have a great impact on our production environment. However, if stainless steel filters are used, harmful substances in the wastewater will be filtered, further protecting our living environment from being contaminated.

Stainless steel filter
Stainless steel filter is more important in the filter, stainless steel filter has other filter performance, stainless steel filter acid and alkali resistance and high temperature performance is much better than other filters, stainless steel filter is mainly applied to the oil industry In large-scale production plants such as chemical industry machinery manufacturing, this is because the filter stability of stainless steel filters is very high, so many manufacturers prefer stainless steel filters when selecting filters. Its main three performances are as follows:
1. Under the high temperature of 400 °C, it can still be used normally, because the stainless steel filter is made up of a multi-layer spot welded filter mesh and a multi-layered edging filter. The performance is very good.
2. Other filters in the corrosive environment will reduce the service life, while the stainless steel filter is just the opposite, and it can still be used for a long time in a corrosive environment.
3, stainless steel filter hardness is high, in the grinding environment, there will not be too much wear and tear, the life of the use of greatly increased. Other types of filters are just the opposite.

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