Softened water equipment water Distributor and installation of Central tube

A. use PVC plastic Center tube is glued together with the water.
B. bonding Center tube inserted after the resin tank.
C. tighten the water distributor pipe water distributor base.
D. water Distributor after the installation is complete, Central tube vertically brings Exchange tank should be central, and then crop off the PVC pipe above the brim flat above.
Resin tank placed at the selected location. Under the Center tube and water glue used for firm bonding, water distributor down under the Central tube is inserted into the resin tank, centre height of the tube together with the height of the cloth under the water and flush tank. The fat pipe cut off. Note the Center pipe upper should be smooth without burrs. Take out Center tube.
Resin added resin in the tank cannot be filled. Allow space for the resin back wash space, height of resin layer of high 40%-60%.
Water on the tube on, or before holding the water control valve on the bottom. Pay attention to whether the water distributor in what position should promise not to fall causing the resin to escape.
Tube inserted in the control valve at the bottom note: center line must be through the o-rings inside, and preferably not water soluble lubricant on rear rotary valve, so as not to damage the sealing rings. Water distribution on fixed on the valves.
Back multi-way valve tube together with vertical insertion resin inside the tank, best not to tilt. Finally tighten valves.

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